«Coziness valley» is an open international architectural competition focused on Coziness valley park area development

The competition is jointly organized by the Government of the Murmansk region and the "Center for Urban Development of the Murmansk Region" ANO, and is considered one of the most ambitious competitive projects aimed at comprehensive development and improvement of the region.


Developing of architectural concept for Coziness valley park zone located between Lomonosov and Morskaya streets, Lyzhny passage and Kolsky avenue in the city of Murmansk, Russia.

The participants are faced with a challenge of transforming the Coziness Valley into a significant public space adapted to polar climate, as well as identifying the main vectors for the development of the territory for the immediate future.


International, one-stage, open.

The competition is held for two categories of participants: students and professionals.

Participation is open for

The maximum allowed number of participants in one team is 5. One team cannot submit more than one project.


According to the results of competition, three winners and five honorable mentions in each category will be determined: students and professionals.

First prize Winner in the professional category will participate in project implementation.

Competition area

The projected area is located in the south of Murmansk, the largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle.

The competition area is part of the sports and recreation complex "Coziness Valley" and is a park zone with an area of approximately 23.38 hectares.

The eastern part of the Coziness Valley is a complex of sports facilities, cross-country and ski tracks, as well as an undeveloped forest in the Pervomaisky district of the city of Murmansk.

The western part where the competition area is located, is a park zone between Lomonosov and Morskaya streets, Lyzhny passage and Kolsky avenue.

The Coziness Valley is crucial in the further development of the urban space of Murmansk, as it is connecting the northern and southern parts of the city, and also connects Murmansk with the city of Kola: the satellite city of Murmansk and the historic center of the Kola Peninsula.

The competition is held for two categories

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Prize fund - 5 825 000 ₽ (77 000 $ as at 10.05.2020)


  • Launching of the competition
    Registration opening

  • Call for

  • Press conference
    dedicated to
    the launching of the competition

  • Orienation webinar
    for foreign participants (in English)

  • Last call for registration

  • The applications

  • Expert council meeting

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    Selection of winners among professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to participate individually in the competition?
  2. Yes, individual participation in both categories is possible. When filling in the registration form, just leave rest of the columns with participant information blank.

  3. Can foreigners participate in the competition or is it only for Russians?
  4. The competition is open to residents and citizens of any country, without geographic restrictions.

  5. If I am a student/our team consists of students, but I/we have the necessary 3-year work experience, can I/we participate in the "Professionals" category?
  6. Yes, you are eligible for “Professionals” category, if you will be able to prove your experience after winning or receiving an “Honorable mention”.

  7. If our team consists of both students and professionals with the necessary work experience, in which category should we apply for participation?
  8. In this case, you can apply as “Professionals”.

  9. There are only Russian materials available on the Competition website, where can I download materials in English?
  10. To download materials in English, you must switch to the English version of the site. The download link is available via "Join competition" section.

  11. Are international students eligible to participate in the competition?
  12. The competition is international, students from any country, architectural specialty and related fields are eligible to participate in the competition.

  13. I have registered but did not receive a Participant Code. What should I do?
  14. First of all, check your spam folder, the letter might end up there. If not, contact us by the following address competition@gorod51.com and describe your problem. We will send you Participant Code again.

  15. We have registered as a team, but later other members joined us. Do we need to register again?
  16. No, you can send information about new participants to the competition@gorod51.com address. Make sure you have specified your Participant Code in the letter. We will add an information about new members to the existing profile.

  1. Is the lake boundary expanding or shrinking based on the supply of water from two sources, as indicated in provided plan?
  2. The lake is formed from melt water from several streams and its boundaries are shown roughly. Lake is increasing in spring and summer and reduces in winter.

  3. Is it possible to transfer the distance-heating pipes and power lines located at the competition area?
  4. We would recommend not to include large-scale works like that in your project. Setback area for power lines is 20 m. At the setback area are prohibited: construction, mining, explosive blasting, tree planting, placement of patrol stations, placement of sports facilities, etc.

  5. Can water be used for any purpose?
  6. Yes, taking into account all the seasonal deformations and water purification, you can include in your project alternative use of water as redirecting streams, etc.

  7. There are shallow swamps around the lake. Is swamp vegetation of any importance to the ecosystem and is city interested in its preservation?
  8. At the moment, these zones are not of any importance for completion area’s ecosystem and they are not protected, so using or preserving these zones is left to the discretion of the participant.

  9. Should we consider that the surfaces surrounding the lake should be protected, and if so, what are limitations?
  10. The territory has no conservation status.

  11. . Is capital construction allowed on the competition territory?
  12. Yes, construction is permitted at the competition area. But do not forget that the main purpose of the competition is development of park area and all the buildings that you are planning to include in your proposal should not shift the focus from the main function of the territory.

  1. Should the competition panels be placed vertically or horizontally?
  2. The judges will open the tablets via two separate links. Each judge will open one tablet first, then the second. We leave presentation design at the participant’s discretion. At the final exhibition and in publications tablets will be presented horizontally.

  3. Can I include animated materials in my proposal (videos, GIFs, animations, etc.)?
  4. No, competition proposal must only include two PDF tablets up to 10 MB each.

  5. Should the proposal include a longitudinal section/road cross-section/conceptual schemes, etc.?
  6. All graphic materials are provided at the discretion of the participant. If you think that certain scheme will help you to provide a better understanding of your proposal, add it.

  7. Should I include a list of urban furniture/suppliers/estimated cost/etc. in my proposal?
  8. This is a competition for conceptual projects. Competition organizers do not require such detailed information from you.

  1. What is exact budget of the project?
  2. We do not set limits for the budget, everything will depend on the winning proposal. Funding sources will be specified after the winner is announced. Winning proposal will form the basis for the investment project. Of course, the project should be somehow pragmatic and the economic effect should be commensurate with the funds set for the implementation. Estimated cost of the project is optional and can be attached to the proposal at the discretion of the participant.

  3. As for the prize money for the first place (in the “Professionals” category), does it include budget for developing of the Design Stage by the winning office/individual?
  4. The Winner Prize is the award for the winning proposal only. Design Stage documentation and works on the project implementation are not included in indicated amount.

  5. Is your organization going to be the ones to develop winning proposal? Will the winning office be involved in the project implementation?
  6. The author of the winning project will be involved in the development of Design Stage documentation and architectural supervision in any case. The format of cooperation will depend on the legal status of the winner. If it is an architectural bureau, there will be direct negotiations on the conclusion of the contract and development of project documentation. If the winner is an initiative group or individual designer, our organization will include them in the project team for the documentation development.


E-mail: competition@gorod51.com

Mobile: +7 921 034 47 07